Instructions for use Motilium, Domperidone online

Motilium online

Instructions for use Motilium

The pharmacological action of the drug

Motilium is a popular drug that has antiemetic effect.

It blocks dopamine receptors. The main active substance is the domperidone. The component does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier (between the blood vessels and nerve cells). This is a good sign that the drug is as a whole is absolutely safe for humans, no side effects. If you have digestive problems, you definitely need to order Motilium in our online pharmacy!

Before the drug appeared officially on sale, its efficiency and the use of a long period of time has been studied in the laboratory. Tests were carried out on animals, during which it became clear exactly how dopamine acts on receptors in the brain, and how it can be blocked, eliminating the gag reflex. If you are going to buy Motilium without a prescription without visiting a doctor, you need to know that the use of domperidone effect on high blood pressure in the esophagus. Thus, a healthy human stomach empties quickly.


Purchase Motilium need, if you have to improper digestion and the stomach should be freed from the remnants of food. The drug is well tolerated by the body, it does not cause side effects. It is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations: the medicine is taken on an empty stomach. In this case, the main active component is rapidly absorbed.

It distributed the drug in the body evenly. Blood concentration is achieved after 90 minutes after the first dose. Metabolism occurs in the liver. The drug excreted in the feces and urine.

On a note! Patients with renal insufficiency is contraindicated generic Motilium. The doctor treats each individual clinical case.


Recommended cheap Motilium only take before meals. If the patient is taking the medication after a meal, the absorption of domperidone and absorption will be very low.

Drug can be given for baby’s no more than 1 tablet 3 times daily. The daily dose should not exceed 80 mg.

Adults take 2 pills 3 times per day. The dose may be increased to achieve the desired effect.

Remember, before you buy Motilium you should carefully read the instructions for other purposes! If there is any doubt in the self-medication, consult your doctor. Tablets are assigned to teenagers, body weight greater than 35 kg. Pediatricians give young patients a medicine in the form of a suspension.

Patients with renal insufficiency are taking medication only on prescription, without dose adjustment. Treatment is carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor.


If you are looking for where to buy cheap Motilium, please contact our pharmacy! We will always help you in choosing the quality and efficiency of the drug!

Despite the fact that there Motilium harmless and not a dangerous drug for human body, symptoms of overdose may occur in young children. Adults must pay attention to the following features:

– seizures

– drowsiness

– disorientation

Treatment is the only: the timely gastric lavage. You can give your child the activated carbon. The patient should not be left alone; you need to monitor his condition.

Use of the drug during pregnancy

If you feel unwell, you need to buy Motilium online! Make it easy to buy; you will spend only several minutes. Pregnant women appointed the drug in rare cases. Medical consultation is necessary beforehand. The specialist will determine the benefits and harms to the mother and the fetus, will assess the potential risks.

The drug concentrates in breast milk. Therefore, before order Motilium online, you must come to your doctor. The concentration of the drug may have a negative effect on the infant. If the mother takes the medication, she should stop breast-feeding for a while.

Side effects

Digestive system

– Intestinal cramps

– Abnormal liver functional

– A disorder of the gastrointestinal tract

Nervous system

– seizures

– headache

– drowsiness

Mental disorder

– Increased nervousness

The immune system

– anaphylactic shock

– swelling

– urticarial


Motilium online there is a better way to get rid of the ailment. The drug is store in a special place of the reach of children. Shelf-life of the drug has 5 years.

Purchase Motilum online recommended in cases of:

– Bloating

– abdominal pain

– flatulence

– burping

– heartburn

– Vomiting and nausea

Do not buy the drug if you have the following contraindications:

– Pituitary tumor

– Gastrointestinal poisoning

– Individual intolerance

The medicine carefully appointed to young children and adults with hepatic insufficiency.

We recommend acquire Fluoxetine online, if you have diarrhea, gastritis, abdominal pain, Crown’s disease.

Motilium not a sedating drug, therefore has no effect on the ability to drive the vehicle.

If you have a disruption of the kidney or liver, previously you need to see a doctor and get his recommendations. These diseases do not require a separate correction dosage formulation. The medicine you will take by 1-2 tablets for 3 times a day.
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